Spring Clean Up Time

Spring Clean Up Time

WINNIPEG, MB - This Sunday evening at 10:00PM the annual city-wide spring clean-up begins, costing the City around $6 Million dollars.

City of Winnipeg said the entire street network, including back lanes, will be swept over the next five to six weeks. Work will begin with the downtown area, major routes, bridges and overpasses.

During the $6 million operation, sidewalks, active transportation pathways, boulevards and medians on main routes, bus routes and collector streets will be swept. Crews will also clean up litter and debris within City parks. Clean up of boulevards in residential areas will be limited to areas where there is excessive accumulation of sand.

During the street cleaning temporary "no parking" signs will be placed on some streets to restrict parking during scheduled cleaning times. Please note that not all streets will have spring cleanup signage. The City will only post signs on streets where parked vehicles present a problem to street cleaning. It's best to find alternate parking during the posted cleaning times to avoid being ticketed or towed. The cost of a parking ticket is $150.00, and the cost of a tow is $118.13.

Learn more information about spring cleanup, click here.

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