WARNING - High Risk Sex Offender to Live in Winnipeg

High Risk Sex Offender in Winnipeg

WINNIPEG, MB - Winnipeg police are warning the public that a sex offender who is at high risk to offend again was released today from Stony Mountain Prison and will be living in Winnipeg.

Police said that Thomas Mackenzie Anderson, 24 years of age, was serving a sentence for aggravated sexual assault and break and enter commit robbery. He is considered a high risk to re-offend in a sexual and/or violent manner against all persons, particularly females.

Upon release, Anderson will be subject to conditions, including immediately reporting all intimate sexual and non-sexual relationships and friendships with females to his parole supervisor, and not consuming, purchasing and possessing any alcohol or non–prescribed drugs. Anderson will also be subject to a ten-year weapon prohibition order and a 20-year sex offender registry order.

Thomas Mackenzie Anderson, 24, 188 cm (6'2") tall, he weighs 77 kg (170 lbs), and has brown eyes.

Anderson has some distinguishing marks, tattoos including "feather family first", "native pride", and "bear claw" on right arm/hand; web, pentagram, owl and skulls on left arm/hand, "r.i.p. mom" on chest, "south side" on back, "family" on face.

Winnipeg Police stress that this information is provided to enable members of the public to take suitable measures to protect themselves. Any form of vigilante activity or other unreasonable conduct directed at Anderson will not be tolerated.

David Marshal, Manitoba Post

Photo supplied by Winnipeg Police

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