Joint Task Force Locates 21 Missing and At-Risk Youths

Task Force Locates 21 Missing Youths

WINNIPEG - A joint task force consisting of the WPS Counter Exploitation/Missing Person's Unit as well as Outreach Workers from community groups in Winnipeg, initiated a joint project last weekend with the goal to protect youth who are at high risk of being sexually exploited.

The result of this Project Return are:

21 reported missing, at risk youths were located. Each were transported to a place of safety .

17 locations, known to be frequented by high risk missing youths, were checked.

7 males arrested between ages of 18-55 for Obtaining Sexual Services for Consideration.

2 additional arrests including an outstanding Warrant for Arrest.

7 Vehicles seized under the Highway Traffic Act for Prostitution offences.

3 Deter and Indentify Sex-Trade Consumers (D.I.S.C.) Stops were conducted.

108 Crime Prevention through Social Development (CPTSD) contacts were made to identify and assist those involved in sexual exploitation. These contacts included issuing 45 harm reduction kits and providing 20 safe rides.

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