UPDATE – Charges Laid in Murder at Stony Mountain Prison

UPDATE - Murder at Stony Mountain Prison

WINNIPEG, MB. - RCMP have arrested and charged three men in connection to a murder of a 42-year-old inmate at the Stony Mountain Institution.

The crime happened on January 7th of this year. The original story is below.

Police said, 29-year-old Victor Travis Ross, 29-year-old Michael Frank Okemow, and 27-year-old Wilfred George Cook all said all three were charged with Second-Degree Murder.

RCMP also said attempted Murder charges were laid against 25-year-old Anthony Michael Mitchell, 20-year-old James Frederick Sinclair, and 22-year-old Michael Roulette in relation to an assault on another inmate. 26-year-old Stephen Lee Donovan Houle has been charged with Assault with a Weapon.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post


WINNIPEG, MB. - An inmate is killed at Stony Mountain prison and RCMP are investigating the incident as a homicide.

Sunday evening around 9:00 pm, Stonewall RCMP received a report of an altercation at the Stony Mountain prison that involved a number of inmates.

Police were advised that one inmate was transported to hospital in serious condition. The inmate, a 42-year-old male, later died as a result of his injuries. Two other male inmates, a 30-year-old and 21-year-old, suffered non-life threatening injuries.

RCMP officers from the Stonewall and the Winnipeg Major Crime Unit are investigating.

Kevin Klein, Manitoba Post

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