Joint Project Results in 7 Men Being Charged With Purchasing Sex

7 Men Charged With Purchasing Sex

WINNIPEG, MB - As part of a "Joint Project" to help high risk youths in the city, Winnipeg police charged 7 men this weekend with purchasing sexual services.

The joint project, called Project Return, ran March 16-18, with the aim of protecting youth within our city who are at a high risk of being sexually exploited.

There were several groups working together on the project including the Winnipeg Police Counter Exploitation Unit, Missing Person's Unit, and East District Community Support officers, in partnership with outreach workers from the community, StreetReach, Winnipeg Outreach Network, Resources Assistance for Youth (RAY), and the Bear Clan Patrol Inc.

The project resulted with the following:

  • Seven men, between the ages of 40 and 60, were arrested for Purchasing Sexual Services.
  • Five vehicles were seized under HTA offences (Prostitution)
  • 72 Crime Prevention through Social Development (CPTSD) contacts were made to identify and assist those involved in the sex trade
  • 42 people were provided Harm Reduction kits/food and/or clothing during the CPTSD contacts
  • 80 locations known to be frequented by high-risk missing youths were also checked
  • 7 at risk youth were located and each were taken to a place of safety
  • 2 of these missing/high risk youths were arrested for an outstanding warrant and Failing to Comply with Sentence

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