Winnipeg's Giveaway Weekend Is Back

Giveaway Weekend Is Back

WINNIPEG - The City of Winnipeg says it is bringing back its Giveaway Weekend as a chance for residents to give reusable unwanted items a new home and keep them out of the landfill before the weather gets chilly. Following the cancellation of the Spring Giveaway Weekend that had been scheduled for mid-May, the return of unbeatable boulevard bargains is slated for this Saturday, September 11, and Sunday, September 12.

Winnipeggers will have a chance to offer up and/or collect each other’s appliances, books, clothing, dishes, electronics, furniture, gardening tools, music, toys, and more, and the city is even sharing a printable document with the word “FREE” on it for those who want to use standard signage to clarify what items are up for grabs.

Organizers of the event are asking travelling treasure hunters to practice Giveaway etiquette: only take items at the curb marked "FREE", refrain from walking or driving onto private property, obey all traffic laws, and check all items closely for any signs of unwanted critters before putting them in a vehicle or bringing them home. Along with lawn darts, baby walkers, and high flush volume toilets, items harbouring bed bugs — such as furniture, mattresses, and bedding — aren’t supposed to be left out for the taking in the first place.

The city suggests participants keep all items that they don't want to give to the neighbours safely stored away. It’s asking for leftover items to be taken off the curb by Sunday evening, and recommends participants consider donating the items to a non-profit such as a thrift store.

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