Winnipeg To End COVID-19 Mandates

City To End COVID Mandates

WINNIPEG - The City of Winnipeg is out with its plan for when COVID-19 mandates start disappearing next month.

Chief administrative officer Michael Jack says if provincial requirements for vaccine passports and face masks are lifted on schedule, the city will follow suit.

However, a mask mandate will remain in effect for city employees for the foreseeable future.

Winnipeg Transit riders will be encouraged to wear a mask but it will not be mandatory.

Manitoba's passport mandate is set to end on March 1st, while the mask rule is scheduled to wrap up on March 15th.

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  • elementgirl

    Way too long that this has been in place. In fact it should never have been put in place. The vaccines didn't stop the virus AT ALL!!!!! In fact, it has made more people sick. They just aren't telling you that. 

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