Winnipeg Police Auction Soon

Police Auction Soon

WINNIPEG - If you’re looking to try out eight different kinds of saws (with 29 saws to choose from), want to take up the clarinet or violin (and don’t mind replacing the broken strings), or just need a place to put the guitar you bought at their last auction in March, the Winnipeg Police Service says their upcoming Unclaimed Goods Auction has you covered.

With almost 300 items available in practically every category you can imagine, the popular annual event at Associated Auto Auction, featuring stolen, lost, and seized property not claimed by their owners, would be sure to attract quite the crowd if it wasn’t online-only again.

Every police auction brings a familiar variety of electronics, construction equipment, and bicycles (10), but this one features a few unusual lots. On the auction block is a microwave; a package-deal assortment of children's toys, colouring books, pens, and pencil crayons; a vacuum sealer kit that comes with a bedsheet set for some reason; and 15 battery chargers. Also up for bidding is a set of four electric toothbrushes, and a duffle bag that comes with a dish rack, extension cord, storage containers, and speakers.

This year’s clothing line includes 9.5 m golf shoes, size 7.5 Puma Fierce Core Women’s shoes with some scuff marks, and seven jackets, two of them purported to be made by Canada Goose. Items are as is and all sales are final.

To make a bid during the auction, or to have a look at a few of the items up for grabs, you can visit the Associated Auto Auction website.

The auction will be open from Monday, August 16th to 20th.

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