Winnipeg License Plate Topper

Winnipeg License Plate Topper

WINNIPEG - Manitoba license plates were first issued in 1911 and they were made of a heavy steel with a porcelain finish. Prior to that, drivers were issued a number by the province and people made their own plates.

Antique license plates are desirable to local collectors but they're condition sensitive. The average sale price of one of these plates is a couple hundred dollars.

However, the history of license plate accessories such as this vintage Winnipeg plate topper is much more obscure. These items were made locally and not by a licensed brand or company so their story often remains a mystery with only the patina to prove their age and value.

Because of the rarity of these local license plate accessories, their value can even exceed the plates themselves. This plate topper, in excellent condition, sold for $300 on eBay.

Winnipeg License Plate Topper

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