Winnipeg Instructors Sue Over Vaccine Mandate

Suing Over Vaccine Mandate

WINNIPEG - Three instructors at the University of Winnipeg are suing for being forced to take unpaid leave due to the school's COVID-19 vaccination policy.

In their statement of claim, they say they were placed on involuntary leave last September after the U of W brought in a vaccine mandate requiring everyone on campus to be fully vaccinated.

The instructors tried to get exemptions on religious grounds but the university said no.

The instructors believe they have autonomy over their own health and they don't have a moral or ethical obligation to vaccinate.

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  • elementgirl

    Good for them! There is no mechanism in the so called vaccine that stops transmission. There is so much evidence that lockdowns are damaging. The best thing we can do is go on as normal. Physical distance with the elderly and immune-compromised. Plain and simple. Just like it states in the CDC pandemic response guidelines. So why was it never followed? I'll tell you why. One man went to China to have a look at what was going on there. He got off the plane, looked around and saw that the gov. there was locking down all citizens. The guy got back on the plane and said "looks good what they are doing" and the rest of the world followed suit. Unbelievable. That isn't science. This whole thing is political. No scientific backing what so ever!!! 

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