Winnipeg Election Campaign Highlights Rising Concerns Regarding Crime

Concerns Regarding Crime

WINNIPEG, MB: Statement from Winnipeg Police Association President, Maurice Sabourin, on the results of the 2018 City of Winnipeg municipal election:

“We want to offer congratulations to Mayor Bowman and all of the individuals elected to City Council tonight. Running for public office requires immense dedication and sacrifice and we commend everyone who put their name on the ballot for their commitment to serving the public. We look forward to working with the mayor and newly elected council over the next four years to address the increasing frequency of serious crimes plaguing our city. Numerous polls during the election campaign showed that crime and public safety are the top issues for Winnipeggers and we believe Mayor Bowman and his new council should take immediate steps to address these growing concerns.

By overwhelmingly rejecting the question of opening Portage and Main to pedestrians, the people of Winnipeg have sent a strong message to city council about key priorities. Winnipeggers have made it abundantly clear that they want their elected representatives to focus resources on critical priorities, not pet projects.

Members of the Winnipeg Police Association work hard every day to keep Winnipeg families safe, with officers being dispatched an average of 600 times per day. We will continue to push hard to ensure our members have the resources they need to do the job properly. We are hopeful that the mayor and the new council will take action to address this critical challenge and keep Winnipeggers safe from crime.”

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