What Are You Missing @ Work?

What Are You Missing @ Work?

WINNIPEG - Are you one of the many people working from home these days? What are you missing most about not being in the office?

A new survey of 1,600 workers has come up with a list of what employees are missing most by not going into work.

The top 10 answers were:

  • Seeing workers & friends, 66 percent
  • Face-to-face meetings, 49 percent
  • Office gossip, 38 percent
  • Buying lunch out, 31 percent
  • Sometimes leaving early, 26 percent
  • Putting on business attire, 15 percent
  • Your bosses' jokes, 13 percent
  • Office décor, 7 percent
  • The smell of the office, 5 percent
  • Setting an early alarm, 4 percent

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