Welcome Aboard!

Welcome Aboard!

Manitoba Post would like to welcome a new sponsor, Nothing But Tech!

It's a Winnipeg-based computer shop at 1960-Main Street that specializes in helping you with the repair and improvement of your existing machine. NBT can also set you up with a new custom-built or pre-built computer.

Meet the man behind Nothing But Tech, Rui Dias. His love of computers started at the age of 12 when his dad bought him his first machine. In the almost 20 years since then, he's become one of the city's top computer experts and his customers love him because he's such a great guy.

Welcome Nothing But Tech!

To celebrate our new partnership, Rui and NBT are offering up a great deal on a refurbished Lenova N23 Chromebook. Get yours now for just $169.99! That's about half what you'd pay at a big box store. Hurry, they're going fast! Welcome Nothing But Tech!

Welcome Aboard!

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