Vicious Dogs Attack Seriously Injures Two People

Vicious Dogs Attack

WINNIPEG - A vicious dog attack has left two people in hospital after terrorizing a number of people in a motel parking lot on Pembina Highway.

Police were called to the disturbance at about 12:30 this morning where they found three people being seriously attacked by a group of vicious dogs.

13 separate police units were called in, including the tactical support and K-9, as well as Fire and paramedics and animal services.

The dogs attacked and terrorized numerous people in the motel parking lot before crossing Pembina Highway and leaving the area.

Three adults from the original call were injured with two males sustaining severe, life-altering injuries. All three were taken to hospitals, where the two most serious remain.

Two of the dogs were located in adjacent neighbourhoods and had to be put down by officers. A third dog and a puppy were struck by a vehicle on Pembina Highway. The adult dog has not been located and residents are cautioned to avoid the dog if located and call 911. The puppy was brought to a local veterinarian where it was treated.

All four dogs appear to be pitbull/mastiff crosses from the same owner. The investigation has determined that the owner appears to be one of the victims.

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