Supreme Court Denies Nygard Bail

Nygard Denied Bail Again

WINNIPEG - The Supreme Court is rejecting a request from a former Winnipeg fashion executive facing sex trafficking and racketeering charges to hear an appeal of a ruling that denied him bail.

Peter Nygard had applied to Canada’s top court, asking for a challenge to a Manitoba ruling to keep him behind bars. An Appeal Court judge ruled in February and March that it’s still necessary to keep Nygard in jail due to the seriousness of the charges he’s facing and the possibility that he would contact witnesses if he was released. Prosecutors had also warned that Nygard could use his wealth and connections to obstruct justice.

80-year-old Nygard was arrested in Winnipeg in December for extradition on nine charges, with American prosecutors accusing him of taking advantage of his position of power to entice women and girls with modelling careers and other prospects, but on the condition that they sleep with him. A class-action lawsuit in the U.S. involving 57 women is also ongoing.

He’s denied all the allegations.

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