Rayman Video Game

Rayman Video Game

WINNIPEG - Recently in 2018 the renowned video game company Ubisoft has officially expanded their company into Winnipeg. Considering the multitude of successful franchises Ubisoft has developed, there’s no telling what sort of exciting innovations may soon be produced here at home!

One of Ubisoft’s proud developments is Rayman, a franchise producing over forty games across multiple platforms since 1995.

Rayman’s beginnings were humble, starting off as a side-scrolling platform video game designed for the Atari Jaguar, but landed great success when it released its PlayStation version.

Now Rayman can be found virtually everywhere in the video game industry, and it’s one of the reasons why its earliest products are sought after by collectors.

This officially graded copy of Rayman’s second instalment into the franchise was sold on eBay in early February. Still wrapped in its original factory cellophane, the game received an amazing score of eighty-five out of a hundred by Video Game Authority, better known as VGA, which granted its awesome sale of over $1,000!

Before you decide it’s a clever idea to take a trip to the thrift store and purchase all their stock of old games, be sure to keep the package’s condition in mind, because if a collectable video game doesn’t achieve a high grade, don’t expect to get paid!

Rayman Video Game

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