Protest For Indian Farmers

Protest For Indian Farmers

WINNIPEG - There's been another protest here for farmers in India.

This time, demonstrators spread themselves out along Portage Avenue to show their support for Indian farmers who are blocking key highways around the capital of New Delhi.

They're upset about new agricultural laws that they believe could kill the family farm in India.

Earlier this month, more than 1,000 cars held a convoy on the Perimeter Highway in support of the Indian farmers.

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  • GSingh

    Something Wrong about the protest here in Canada .

    1. Where does the loyalties lies ? With Canadian Farmers on whose behalf our govt fought against subsidies in India at WTO  ...

    2. CRA must investigate as they might find some undisclosed income as these new bills get Indian farmers in Tax net.

  • harvey

    Just whats all this going to prove ? Nothing.

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