Parking Overhaul In Winnipeg

Parking Overhaul In Winnipeg

WINNIPEG - City Hall is giving its parking system a major overhaul, with changes that it hopes will give motorists a more pleasant parking experience.

In a partnership with Vancouver-based PayByPhone, the City of Winnipeg says its new contactless parking payment scheme will involve entering more specific location numbers, using six digits rather than the current four.

The PayByPhone app is also getting a new Maps feature, which will automatically identify the correct block number using smartphone location services, avoiding the risk of a user accidentally entering the wrong location into the system.

The city says one benefit of the new system will be in its ability to provide city analysts with more precise data, noting this will help inform decisions made by officials, as well as engineers developing current and future app and mapping functions, such as pricing, customer service, and real-time parking availability.

Payment methods and card information will be unchanged, and four-digit location numbers will still be accepted until September while signage is updated.

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