North Perimeter Construction

North Perimeter Construction

WINNIPEG - Drivers have lost the ability to turn onto the North Perimeter Highway at several junction points today as Manitoba Infrastructure begins construction work meant to improve road safety.

The province says road work follows a safety review of the North Perimeter that took place in the spring. It will permanently close intersections and remove unsafe median openings at Road 64 North, Inkster Blvd, Prairie Dog Trail, Summit Rd, Klimpke Rd, and King Edward St. The department is building new turning lanes, repairing concrete pavement, and gravelling existing service roads.

Work will start on the west perimeter and move east, with traffic controls that will include temporary lane closures and reduced speed zones.

The construction project, phase two of highway upgrades in response to the safety review, is expected to be finished by October. The province says the first phase, which targeted hazards along the South Perimeter Highway, is nearly complete.

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