Nice Weather Means More Crime

Nice Weather Means More Crime

WINNIPEG - As temperatures rise across the province, so too can the rates of petty theft.

Manitoba RCMP note they’re now getting a number of calls on a regular basis from residents who have had things stolen from their cars, with an increase in nighttime criminal activity that coincides with warmer weather.

With petty theft on the rise, police are reminding Manitobans of their ability to report property crimes using the RCMP Online Crime Reporting tool. You’ll be prompted to enter the address of the incident, and then asked for contact info and a few details about what happened.

While not all crime can be reported online, what can be reported through the online tool includes theft, damage, or mischief under $5,000 to a vehicle, bicycle, or other property worth under $5,000.

Police say if property theft has already taken place, victims can contact the non-emergency line of their local police force or RCMP detachment afterwards, rather than calling 9-1-1.

The RCMP are also cautioning motorists to lock their vehicles no matter the time of day, and no matter where they're parked.

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