Marty Gold Asks: What Policies Can Everyone Get Behind

 What Policies Can Everyone Get Behind

Never mind what divides voters and politicians of Winnipeg - what policies can everyone get behind and support when the next council is elected?

That good question was posed by a listener, wondering whether any of the candidates have struck on an idea or two that qualify.

The top of mind answer was yes, such as 3 proposals from Mayoral candidates Tim Diack, Jenny Motkaluk and incumbent Brian Bowman, respectively.

The result is a short list of 5 concepts that Marty Gold outlines in the latest Winnipeg Watchdog podcast (he tweaks one idea, and adds two of his own).

Two involve public safety, 2 are about public transportation, and the last one is how the City can get ahead of the technology curve.

Take 12 minutes and see what you think, maybe these are ideas listeners can ask election hopefuls at the door or in public forums before October 24th.

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