Earth Day Ideas

Earth Day Ideas

WINNIPEG - Ways to Observe Earth Day in 2021

It’s Earth Day around the globe, and, like many events in Manitoba and around the world, you may be a little puzzled about how to celebrate planet stewardship in a time when gathering sizes remain limited. Here are a few ways you can enjoy the day with a family, class, or cohort in your own back yard.

Dispose of Batteries Safely

Those Double As have toxic metals and chemicals, and just letting them end up in the Brady Resource Management Facility, or wherever your household waste ends up, will pollute nearby soil and water. You can find out how you can recycle everyday items from Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba.

Get Out & Enjoy the Fresh Air

Hop on your bicycle. Take a hike. Enjoy nature under the sunshine. If you can get there with foot power, go for it, and leave that fuel in the tank. The way gas prices have been lately, your wallet might thank you later anyway.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Why not care for nature with your own garden? You can also sign up to volunteer in a community vegetable or herb garden, such as this one for Ronald McDonald House, where a Dirt Therapy program is on the horizon that will help families they serve.

Pick Up Some Litter

This is a great opportunity to take pride in your neighbourhood and hit some boulevards and sidewalks in your area with some spring cleaning. Take Pride Winnipeg has a team of experts in this area.

Volunteer Cleanup Crews continue a self-guided cleanup of downtown Winnipeg today.

If you live in the St. James areas and need gloves or extra garbage bags, or would like to borrow a trash picker, you also can contact the Winnipeg NOW Network.

Stay Cozy

Look at ways to reduce power use around the house that can also translate into cost savings. Consider more smarter light bulbs, power off electronics that you aren’t using, and, if you haven’t done so yet, turn off or reduce the temperature on the thermostat. Little things can go a long way to make your home energy efficient.

How will you observe the Earth Day today? Let us know!

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