Crown Royal Tip Jar

Crown Royal Tip Jar

WINNIPEG - For people who are curious about Manitoba’s ingenuity in the retail industry, one of the province’s most successful brands goes to Crown Royal.

Owned by Diageo and produced solely in Gimli since 2000, Crown Royal whisky has received multiple awards, such as being crowned the World Whisky of the Year in 2016 in Jim Murray’s “Whisky Bible.”

Crown Royal was first introduced in 1939 by the president of Seagram as a tribute to King George IV and Queen Elizabeth’s royal tour of Canada.

For almost 30 years the renowned Canadian whisky was only sold in Canada, but in the 1960’s Crown Royal became available to international markets and became a top-selling Canadian brand in the United States.

Many promotional articles branded with Crown Royal’s iconic logo can be found decorating bars and taverns across Canada, but rarely do unique items such as this Crown Royal tip jar appear for sale.

Designed to look like the well recognized purple velvet and gold drawstring bag, this Crown Royal tip jar sold on eBay for over $500!

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