City of Winnipeg Sees Record-Setting Advance Voter Turnout for 2018 Municipal and School Boards Election

Record-Setting Advance Voter Turnout

Winnipeg, MB – Electors in the City of Winnipeg have turned out in record numbers to take advantage of advance voting opportunities across the city.

An estimated 39,500 voters have participated in advance voting for the 2018 Municipal and School Boards Election, marking a 30% increase from the 30,619 electors who voted in advance of the civic election in 2014.

“We implemented several new measures this year to make advance voting as convenient and easy as possible,” said City of Winnipeg Senior Election Official Marc Lemoine. “From polling stations at malls across the city to new technology such as poll pads and additional automatic voting machines, our goal was to simplify the process, reduce wait times, and improve service for people casting a ballot.”

Lemoine notes the City of Winnipeg is always looking for new ways to improve the voting process.

“We’re very pleased with all of the positive feedback we’ve received so far, and with the fact that electors have turned out in record numbers ahead of Election Day,” he added. “And, of course, we want to encourage all eligible voters who have not yet voted to cast their ballots next week.”

Election Day is Wednesday, October 24. Polls will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Voters Notices outlining designated election day voting locations have been mailed to all registered voters. Residents are encouraged to check their Voters Notice for their designated voting location, or visit Of special note this year, eligible voters in the new Waverly West ward will be able to vote at any of the election day locations in their ward.

All voters are required to bring valid identification that shows their name and current home address - such as a driver’s license - when they head to the polls. In the absence of a driver's license or enhanced identification card, any two documents that together show the voter's name and current home address will also be accepted.

More information is available by visiting or by contacting 311.

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