Bombers Wants Packed IGF

Bombers Wants Packed IGF

WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg Football Club says it wants to see the stands at IG Field at full capacity when the Bombers run onto the Field this summer - but there’s a catch. Bomber president Wade Miller says getting both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine is necessary to ensure all fans feel safe.

The province is lifting many of its current public health orders on Saturday morning, allowing Manitobans to dine at restaurants and patios, gather in larger groups, and attend places of worship.

Miller says the football club plans to invite Manitobans to watch games at IG field if they became fully vaccinated against the virus a minimum of two weeks before the game, meaning fans need to make their appointments or plan their drop-in visit on time if they want to catch the Bombers verses Ti-Cats game on August 5, as they have until July 20 to get both jabs.

Miller says children under 12 who aren’t able to get vaccinated will be allowed in if they’re accompanied by a parent, and the football club is in talks with Shared Health to figure out if they can allow those who can’t be vaccinated for other reasons into the stands.

Officials are considering the use of a smartphone app to show proof of immunization prior to showing ushers their tickets. The CFL is planning 14 games for its first season this year since November 2019 after cancelling games in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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