Blizzard Warning Ends For Winnipeg

Blizzard Warning

WINNIPEG - A blizzard warning has ended for Winnipeg but remains in effect for other parts of southern Manitoba:

Blizzard conditions easing through the day on Sunday.

A cold front passed through southern Manitoba overnight, leading to strong northerly winds of 50 gusting to 70 km/h. This is causing widespread blizzard conditions over the Red River Valley. The cold front also gave 10 to 15 cm of snow overnight, with snow tapering off through the morning.

Blizzard conditions will ease midday Sunday through the Red River Valley, except for near the international border, where blizzard conditions may persist into the afternoon.

After the blizzard eases on Sunday, southern Manitoba will see a drier, albeit, colder stretch of weather for the next week. Extreme cold conditions are likely tonight across much of southern Manitoba. Wind chills will be near -40 over the north Basin of Lake Winnipeg this morning, as temperatures continue to drop.

Travel is expected to be hazardous due to reduced visibility. Visibility will be suddenly reduced to near zero at times in heavy snow and blowing snow. Prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions. If you must travel, keep others informed of your schedule and destination and carry an emergency kit and mobile phone. Limit outdoor activities. Ensure that shelter is provided for pets and outdoor animals.

Blizzard warnings are issued when widespread reduced visibilities of 400 metres or less are expected for at least 4 hours.

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