Ancient Viking Pendant

Ancient Viking Pendant

WINNIPEG - Though the days of warriors voyaging the seas by wood carved dragon boats are in the past, Viking culture continues to live on even in Manitoba heritage.

The Rural Municipality of Gimli maintains a strong connection to its Icelandic origins, and Icelanders are well known for keeping their hearts close to their Viking roots.

In ancient times, there were many areas of the world where Vikings were known to have carried their currency in the form of silver jewellery. This was done to insure their money was not being subject to the authority of a monarch or mint.

Because the Vikings conducted their trade in this manner, most of their jewellery is composed of high grades of silver.

Recently sold by Artemis Gallery, an online antiquities shop that specializes in historically significant articles, was a hand crafted silver pendant depicting the Norse god Odin’s ravens bound in an abstract loop reminiscent of Celtic knot designs.

This exquisite relic, estimated to be from the 10th or 12th century, was tested and graded to be composed of 91.64% silver. It was sold on February 25th for an eye watering $2843.97. Who knew silver could have its weight in gold!

Ancient Viking Pendant

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