8 Missing High Risk Youths Found During Joint Project with Police

8 Missing High Risk Youths Found

WINNIPEG - Winnipeg police, working with a number of community outreach groups in the city banded together on Friday night with a shared mission of protecting youth who are at a high risk of being sexually exploited.

Police with members of StreetReach, Winnipeg Outreach Network, Resources Assistance for Youth (RAY), MaMaWi, and the Bear Clan Patrol were successful locating 8 reported missing youths on the streets, two of the youths were arrested on outstanding warrants. Each of them were taken to a place of safety.

The joint mission also lead to the following:

  • 8 Crime Prevention through Social Development (CPTSD) contacts were made to identify and assist those involved in the Sex Trade
  • 63 Contacts of both Youths and Adults were made by partner agencies who provided various supplies including, Harm Reduction kits/Food and/or Clothing
  • 55 locations, known to be frequented by high risk missing youths, were checked
  • 14 Referrals provided to partner agencies

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