12 Hour Wait Times At Winnipeg Hospital

12 Hour Wait Times

WINNIPEG - According to an emergency room doctor, wait times at St. Boniface Hospital have topped 12 hours.

It's so bad, patients are being redirected to other hospitals.

And one of the reasons for this is a nursing shortage that's getting worse by the day.

Darlene Jackson, head of the Manitoba Nurses' Union, says it's a similar situation at other hospitals.

She claims the current provincial government has done absolutely nothing to address the problem which got much worse about five years ago.

Jackson says she hears everyday from nurses at retirement age who were going to keep working for a while longer but now plan to quit when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

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  • elementgirl

    I think all medical graduates should be required to reside in Canada if they want to pay Canadian university fees. If they want to go to the states after graduation than they should have to pay International student fees. My tax dollars subsidizes their tuition. It should stay in Canada. 

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