Vegan Fried Chicken Week?

Vegan Fried Chicken Week?

WINNIPEG - At first peep, two festivals happening right now, at the same time, may seem diametrically opposed: Le Vegan Week is on, and so is Fried Chicken Fest, with both wrapping this Saturday. Restaurants across the city, though, say they’re all birds of a feather in this together.

VegFest is running Le Vegan Week as a fun way to support local while restaurants in particular have experienced a challenging year. It’s also a celebration of vegan cuisine innovation by Winnipeg chefs. Over 30 restaurants across the city are said to be participating, with a wide range of dishes on le menu. You can check them out here.

Meanwhile, the fourth annual Fried Chicken Fest is shaking. Organizers say the frying festival is also focusing on empowering cooped-up fried chicken lovers to help support local, and has more than 40 restaurants signed up to compete this year - more than ever since it was first held. You can check them out here.

Some of the restaurants that are doing Fried Chicken Fest are also taking part in La Vegan Week - so one can’t help but wonder what vegan fried chicken is like.

Both A&W and KFC gave that a try in 2019. Reviews were mixed with a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices.

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