Red Panda Weekend at the Zoo

Red Panda Weekend at the Zoo

WINNIPEG - There will be a ton of fun activities for the family this weekend as the Assiniboine Park Zoo celebrates Red Panda Weekend.

This is the perfect opportunity to learn about red pandas and their conservation and proceeds from select activities will support the Red Panda Network.

“Over 80 zoos are expected to host Red Panda Day activities this year,” said Grant Furniss, Senior Director of Animal Care and Conservation. “This is a great opportunity for visitors to learn about and support conservation efforts to protect this engaging species and all the other animals that share their habitat.”

Red pandas are found in the mountain forests of Nepal, India, Bhutan, China and Myanmar (Burma). Their natural range is the source of South Asia’s three largest rivers and functions as the lungs of the region. According to the Red Panda Network, there may be as few as 2,500 red pandas remaining in the wild.

“The global red panda population has declined by 50% over the last 20 years mainly as result of habitat loss related to human activity,” said Furniss. “Protecting red pandas helps to ensure the protection of this important ecosystem and all the animals that live there, including other threatened species like the clouded leopard and Himalayan black bear.”

Red Panda Weekend

The following activities will take place at the event tent located at the McFeetors Heavy Horse Centre from 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22:

· Red Panda Passport: Discover the different countries where red pandas are found while completing special tasks and activities.

· Face Painting: Choose from designs like red pandas, bamboo, and more.

· Red Panda Selfie Station: Take a red panda themed selfie with your friends and family.

· Upcycle Station: Make a bracelet using recycled t-shirts.

· Donation Station: Choose from a variety of red panda buttons and drop off a donation to support red pandas!

Red panda Zoo Chats will be offered both Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m. at the Toucan Ridge exhibit. Learn about these amazing animals from the people who care for them!

Support the Red Panda Network

· From September 1 – 30, 50% of the proceeds from reusable bags sold at Wild Things Unique Gifts will be donated to the Red Panda Network.

· From September 16 – 22, 50% of the proceeds from red slushie sales at Tundra Grill will be donated to the Red Panda Network.

· Check out the red panda art auction on display at Wild Things Unique Gifts. Bidding closes September 22. Proceeds will be donated to the Red Panda Network.

The Zoo is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. For more information go to


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