Pan Am Place Announced the Iron Ride 2018

Iron Ride 2018

WINNIPEG - Pan Am Place announced the Iron Ride 2018, will run from 10:00 AM on Saturday Sept. 8th, to 10:00 AM on Sunday Sept. 9th.

This will be the second annual event and take place outside at 88 Arthur Street, in front of Pan Am Place (PAP).

Iron Ride is a 24-hour stationary bike race. Participants can sign up in teams of 1 to 6. Each team is assigned to one stationary bike and team members will take turns pedalling throughout the 24-hour ‘race’. Along with competing physically, Iron Ride participants are also trying to raise as much money as they can for Pan Am Place. Each team will sign up with a combined amount of funds raised prior to the event and prizes will be awarded to the teams that raise the most money and bike the most kilometres. The co-organizers hope the event will raise $100,000, with as many as 100 participants.

Pan Am Place is a non-profit transitional home for young, at-risk men aged 18 to 30. What sets PAP apart from other transitional homes is that residents must complete volunteer hours and participate in boxing classes in exchange for housing, food, and mentorship. These requirements give the men a structured, purpose-filled routine to make important changes in their lives, thus providing more than just a roof over their heads. Many of the residents have experienced homelessness or were incarcerated prior to coming to PAP and since opening in 2013, more than 200 young men have benefitted from the organization’s life-changing platform.

With events such as Iron Ride and Bold in the Cold (a winter event in which participants sleep outside for 12 hours), Pan Am Place is building a reputation for hosting gruelling physical fundraising events. Last year’s Iron Ride raised nearly $60,000 with around 60 participants. PAP is largely funded through personal donations; all donations directly fund resident programming, living and facility expenses.

By Pan Am Place

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