Assiniboine Zoo Opens Xtreme BUGS

Xtreme BUGS at The Zoo

WINNIPEG - A new attraction opened at the Assiniboine Park Zoo, Xtreme BUGS. The new attraction is included with regular Zoo admission.

The Xtreme BUGS features 19 giant, animatronic bugs along the forested trail inside the Zoo. The exhibit takes you into a vivid, dynamic, and awe-inspiring new environment where you can experience how the world would appear from a bug’s eye view.

Immersed in the larger-than-life landscape of Xtreme BUGS, you will be surrounded by giant insects including a six metre long Japanese hornet and a four metre high praying mantis, for an up-close look at the physical characteristics of bugs and the science behind the behaviours of these (usually) tiny creatures that share our ecosystem.

“Bugs have a critical role to play in our ecosystem and we’re hoping to share those stories through this engaging exhibit. The exaggerated size and characteristics of these creatures is going to be fascinating,” said Grant Furniss, Assiniboine Park Zoo. “I have no doubt that it will one of our city’s biggest attractions this summer and one that will thrill people of all ages.”

In addition to the exhibit itself, the Zoo will be offering specific bug-themed programs and workshops for pre-school aged children and school groups for an additional cost. Visit to learn more.

The exhibit will be in Winnipeg for a limited time only.

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