Violent Crime Spree Ends for Two Winnipeg Men

Violent Crime Spree Ends

WINNIPEG - On November 2, 2019, Winnipeg Police responded to reports of a male shot in the 300 block of William Newton Ave. A suspect fired 3 rounds from a shotgun with one round striking an adult male. The victim was transported to hospital in unstable condition but was subsequently upgraded to stable.

On November 9, 2019, Winnipeg Police responded to a report of a carjacking that had occurred in the area of Sargent Ave. and Beverley St. The victim, an adult male had made arrangements through social media to sell his car and had agreed to met the prospective buyer at this location. The victim was pepper-sprayed during the meeting and his car stolen by the suspect posing as an interested buyer.

On November 12, 2019, Winnipeg Police General Patrol officers observed 2 males in a stolen vehicle in the area of Portage Ave. and Good St. Officers followed the vehicle to the area of Broadway and Langside St. Two General Patrol units attempted to stop the vehicle with their cruiser cars but the driver of the stolen vehicle rammed both police vehicles.

Both the driver and the passenger attempted to flee on foot. The passenger discharged pepper spray at the pursuing officers, however, both driver and passenger were arrested after a short chase. Two officers from one vehicle were taken to hospital where they were treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

31 year-old Mark Jaiantilla Galeos (driver, accused in shooting) was identified as suspect in the above three incidents as well as two additional stolen vehicles. He was charged with:

- Assault Peace Officer x 4

- Discharge Firearm in a Reckless Manner

- Point Firearm

- Aggravated Assault

- Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm

- Unauthorized Possession of a Firearm in a Motor Vehicle

- Robbery

- Possess Property Obtained by Crime

- Fail to Comply Probation

Numerous HTA offences

He was detained in custody.

28 year-old Steven Andrew Mingo was charged with the following offences:

- Assault Peace Officer x 4

- Possess Prohibited/Restricted Firearm

- Possess Firearm Contrary to Probation Order

- Possess Property Obtained by Crime

He was detained in custody.

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