Traffic Stop Foursome Face Multiple Gun and Drug Charges

Traffic Stop Foursome Face Charges

WINNIPEG - A traffic stop for suspected drug intoxication resulted in multiple drug and gun charges for a group of drug traffickers.

On December 5th at 12:45 am. police made a traffic stop on Main Street. When the driver tried to switch places with the passenger, all four occupants were asked to exit the vehicle and were searched. The driver looked to be under the influence of drugs and was immediately arrested. When he was searched, police found a needle containing meth, four shotgun shells, two cell phones, and $200 cash.

All three passengers were then arrested and searched. A methamphetamine needle, cell phone, a loaded zip gun, three .22 caliber cartridges and 12 gauge shotgun shell were located.

Officers also located a loaded 12 gauge shotgun, several .22 caliber cartridges and 12 gauge shotgun shells, small baggies, a digital scale, 18 hydro morphine pills, and one .25 gram rock of crack cocaine in the vehicle.

The woman was searched at police headquarters and had two bags containing 8 grams of methamphetamine concealed under her clothing.

Arrested were 37 year-old Harold James Maytwayashing, 42 year-old Gary Leo Carriere, 29 year-old Timothy Hastings and 23 year-old Morgan Bruyere. All four face multiple gun and drug charges and are held in custody.

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