Suspect Attacks Police with Bear Spray During Pursuit

Suspect Attacks Police with Bear Spray

WINNIPEG - A man, wanted for aggravated sexual assault, used bear spray to attack police as they tried to apprehend him.

Police caught sight of the suspect at about 9:30 P.M on October 29 and as they approached, he ran away. He armed himself with bear spray as they pursued him and sprayed several officers. Police used their taser to try and subdue him but it wasn't effective.

Air 1 then got involved and tracked the suspect until he eventually stopped, but he still refused to drop the bear spray and became aggressive as police tried to take him into custody.

During a struggle to take the male into custody, two officers sustained injuries. Several officers were also contaminated with blood from the suspect and will be required to take a series of strong antibiotics and antiretrovirals.

A search of the suspect resulted in the seizure of a small amount of a substance believed to be methamphetamine.

A 23-year-old male of Winnipeg has been charged with:

- Assault with a Weapon (x3)

- Assault Peace Officer (x3)

- Resist Peace Officer

- Possession of Scheduled Substance – Methamphetamine

- Possession of a Weapon

- Possession of a Prohibited or Restricted Weapon Knowing its Possession is Unauthorized

- Possession of Firearm, Restricted/Prohibited Weapon or Ammunition Contrary to Prohibition Order

- Fail to Comply Condition Recognizance by Judge/Justice (x2)

He was also processed on outstanding warrants for charges that include:

- Aggravated Assault

- Fail to Comply with Probation

He was detained in custody.

The aggravated sexual assault is in relation to a violent incident that occurred on October 5, 2019, in the Broadway – Assiniboine area to a female known to him.

It has since been determined that during the foot pursuit, an ammunition magazine attached to the duty belt of an officer was damaged. This resulted in the loss of several rounds of service-issued ammunition in the 400 block of Sargent Avenue. The majority of rounds have been recovered, but a small number are still outstanding. If any members of the public come across the ammunition, they are asked to contact the Winnipeg Police Service.

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