Stolen Firetruck Races Through Downtown Threatening Pedestrians

Stolen Firetruck Races Through Downtown

WINNIPEG - A stolen firetruck caused mayhem downtown before police managed to stop it with a tire deflation device.

The truck was stolen while crews were at a call at an apartment on Henderson Highway at about 12:30 P.M. The suspect then drove the truck with lights flashing and horn blaring toward downtown.

A half ton truck that was driving the same direction pulled over to let the truck pass, however the suspect appeared to deliberately rear-end the vehicle propelling it into a hydro pole. The half-ton was severely damaged but the driver was fortunately un-injured.

The suspect continued towards downtown, pursued by numerous police, reaching speeds of up to 70kph. He drove through Central Park, drove against traffic on one-way streets and through numerous red lights, all the while causing pedestrians to scatter to avoid being hit. While driving behind Portage Place he smashed into a traffic bollard and wall causing an estimated $5,000 damage.

Police eventually brought him to a halt through several tire-deflation devices and a taser was needed to take him into custody.

36 year-old Bai Farama Koroma has been charged with:

- Theft of Motor Vehicle

- Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance

- Operation of a Conveyance While Impaired by BAC or Drug

- Possession of a Weapon

- Flight While Pursued by Peace Officer

- Fail to Stop at Scene of Accident x 2

- Drive Without Valid Licence (HTA)

Koroma was detained in custody.

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