Saskatchewan Not-For-Profit to Review MB Police Services Act

Review of Police Services Act

WINNIPEG - Province selects non-profit from Saskatchewan with expertise in community safety to lead stakeholder consultations and a broad review of The Police Services Act (PSA).

“Our police services play a critical role in protecting Manitobans, and positive relationships between agencies and the communities they serve improve safety and security for everyone,” said Minister Cliff Cullen. “Civilian oversight ensures policing services reflect the diversity of the province, and improves transparency and accountability in policing.”

The Community Safety Knowledge Alliance (CSKA) was chosen to lead the independent review of the PSA. CSKA is a Saskatchewan-based non-profit with experience implementing and evaluating new approaches to community safety and well-being.

“Canadian policing is in a period of transition, characterized among other things by expanding and changing service demands, growing societal pressure for greater operational and fiscal accountability, and by escalating costs – making this review most timely,” said Cal Corley, chief executive officer, CSKA.

The Province said the review will assess how the PSA supports professional, transparent and effective delivery of police services including:

  • perspectives on the changing context for policing and community safety;
  • a jurisdictional scan of similar legislation, organizations and approaches;
  • stakeholder consultations including focus groups, in-person and telephone interviews, and a survey;
  • a gap analysis intended to identify changes needed to ensure the act meets the current and future needs of Manitobans; and
  • a comprehensive final report detailing findings, conclusions and recommendations.

  • The PSA defines the roles and responsibilities of the Manitoba government, the Manitoba Police Commission, the Independent Investigations Unit, municipal and First Nation police boards, municipal councils and police services, and establishes the inter-relationship between the various entities. It also sets out the direction for the creation of standards for police services, as well as a mechanism to ensure compliance.

    A comprehensive review of The Police Services Act is required by legislation. The final report is expected in mid-2020, said Minister Cullen

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