Police Target High-Crime in River Heights with Proactive Patrol

Police Target High-Crime in River Heights

WINNIPEG - Police have been targeting River Heights, one of the hardest impacted neighbourhoods for property-related crimes in a proactive patrol over the summer.

They determined key patrol times through Smart Policing Initiative crime data and conducted 170 stops, apprehending 26 suspects for a variety of offences including stolen vehicles, weapons, drugs, and outstanding warrants.

In May, a Community Safety Forum was held for residents of River Heights and Crescentwood.

In June, a community BBQ was held with a focus on the bike registry.

In July, laneway trees were trimmed from street lights, problem dark laneways were identified, and motion-activated lights were supplied to those areas.

Put the Brakes on Thefts from Vehicles:

In many instances of break-ins and/or thefts from vehicles, electronic items such as laptops or Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have been left in plain view within the vehicle. Break-ins and or thefts from vehicles can be prevented by keeping a few simple tips in mind:

Always close windows and lock all doors

Display an "All Valuables Removed" card in your window (can be picked up at your District Station)

Don’t leave personal identification, vehicle registration/ insurance certificates, or credit cards in your vehicle

Never leave your car keys, house keys or garage door opener in your vehicle

Never leave your vehicle running while unattended

Park in well-lit areas with pedestrian traffic

Remove your garage door opener when the vehicle is not in use

Remove valuables and shopping bags from view - this includes removing loose change, electronic devices, and GPS devices

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