Police Fire Weapons During Dangerous Car Chase

Police Fire Weapons During Car Chase

WINNIPEG - Winnipeg police had to fire their guns to prevent suspects from harming them during a dangerous car chase.

On Wednesday (January 9th) evening police were called to the scene of an assault with a weapon near McLeod and Raleigh Street. When the suspects saw police approaching they took off in their vehicle at high speeds. Police pursued him but due to the high speeds and reckless driving the pursuit was aborted.

When the suspects rammed through a containment block, police fired their weapons to stop the threat of bodily harm to them and other officers. The pursuit continued on until the suspects left the road and began to drive along a railway track. The three suspects were then apprehended along the railway track and taken in to custody.

One of the suspects, a 23 year-old man required treatment at the hospital for a gunshot wound but was released.

The Independent Investigation Unit of Manitoba (IIU) has been notified and has assumed responsibility for the investigation.

During the arrest of the suspect along the railway line a Winnipeg Police Service Street Supervisor was struck by a moving train. He was treated at hospital and released.

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