Owner Charged in Dog Attack

Owner Charged in Dog Attack

WINNIPEG - The Animal Services Agency has concluded its investigation of the dog attack involving three adult dogs and one puppy on Saturday, February 29, 2020 in the 1800 block of Pembina Highway.

Two of the adult dogs were located in adjacent neighbourhoods and had to be put down by police officers following the incident. These two dogs were not examined by Animal Services and their breeds were therefore not determined.

The third adult dog and puppy were struck by a vehicle on Pembina Highway following the incident. The adult dog has since been humanely euthanized, while the puppy was sent to a rescue organization. The third adult dog was determined to predominantly be an American Pit Bull Terrier, while the puppy was too young to make a confirmation of breed.

None of the dogs were spayed/neutered or licensed, and none were believed to have rabies. In addition, there was no indication to suggest these dogs were used for fighting.

The owner of the dogs has since been charged under the Responsible Pet Ownership By-law. For privacy reasons, we are not able to provide further information on the nature of the specific charges in this case.

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