No Search At Winnipeg Landfill For Remains

No Search For Remains

WINNIPEG - Police chief Danny Smyth says there is no search planned for the remains of three new victims of an accused serial killer.

It's believed the remains are at the Brady Road Landfill but Smyth says too much time has passed and the site is large.

Jeremy Skibicki who is charged with four counts of first degree murder appeared in court briefly on Friday.

The missing victims are 39 year old Morgan Harris, 26 year old Marcedes Myran and a still unidentified woman.

The remains of 24 year old Rebecca Contois were discovered last spring.

Indigenous groups say the deaths of four women in Winnipeg show governments need to take more action to end gender and race-based violence.

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  • GeorgiaSteele

    Unfortunately governments are not the ones that can stop this. The laws are already on the books and adding more laws is not going to change things. All the communities where these women are or were living need to step up as well as the families of the young ladies before they get themselves into these situations. This may sound a bit harsh but realize I am NOT blaming the victims at all. I think if the perpetrator is found guilty he should remain behind bars at the very least until he stops breathing permanently. We really need to look at the back history of each and every one of the victims to see where and how their lives steered them to this conclusion of that life and then see what can be changed to make the difference in each future life that might be placed in a similar situation.

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