Naked Woman, Armed with Hatchet, Terrorizes Victim

Naked Armed Woman Terrorizes Victim

WINNIPEG - Police had their hands full when a woman, armed with a hatchet and wearing no clothes, broke into an apartment suite on Manitoba Avenue terrorizing the resident while another unrelated, agitated male obstructed police.

On August 30, at approximately 3:35 P.M., police responded to a report of an unclothed female who had broken into a suite and was refusing to leave. The female armed herself with a hatchet and swung it at a resident, but missed and was pushed into a front vestibule area where she began to damage the residence.

As police arrived and attempted to resolve the situation safely, an agitated man wandered into the area and began to yell at officers. He was repeatedly told to leave, to which he would for brief periods, but would return and attempt to obstruct officers from doing their jobs.

The male eventually started to advance on officers in a hostile manner, which forced them to divert their attention away from the armed and barricaded incident. The male was arrested and taken into custody. Officers do not believe the male knew the female.

Eventually, a Taser was used to safely take the female into custody. It was later discovered that she had also broken into a second suite in the same building.

29 year-old Gwen Erika Chartrand has been charged with:

- Break Enter & Commit - Dwelling House (x2)

- Assault with a Weapon

- Possession of a Weapon

30 year-old Craig Koch has been charged with:

- Obstruct Peace Officer

- Causing a Disturbance

They were detained in custody.

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