Marty Gold Says - Criminals are Running Wild In Winnipeg

Criminals Running Wild In Winnipeg

One woman, a mother protecting her children, blinded in a botched 2AM home invasion on Flora; a 19 year old woman, a store clerk, beaten unconscious for taking pictures of two thieves in St. Vital; a third young woman robbed at a bank machine in St. Boniface.

That’s a small sample of the mayhem in the last week, shocking before even mentioning two major police standoffs and two other random shootings and a broad daylight violent robbery of a beauty salon. This on the heels of media reports women are afraid to use Transit.

Marty Gold reviews the police and news reports and challenges not just city hall but MLAs and the federal government to assist the victims and bring justice and safety to our community.

And in all the bad news, Marty reports the good news that 7-11 corporate office have offered one of their parking lots on Salter as a nighttime home base for a taxi service staffed by women drivers.

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