Man Terrorizes Multiple Victims During Drug-Induced Crime Spree

Man Terrorizes Multiple Victims

WINNIPEG - A 20 year-old man terrorized innocent victims, causing some to flee through windows, threatening to kill and set fire to others.

The suspect started his violent spree at 6:00AM on May 14 when he approached a man walking with a cup of coffee and knocked the hot drink over the man's face and chest with provocation.

He then went to a nearby restaurant and jumped the counter, demanding to use the phone. He grabbed a female employee as staff tried to flee and was given a phone which he later stole. He threw a hot carafe of tea at a customer but fortunately it struck the wall. Eventually staff was able to flee by climbing out a drive-through window.

Next, he went to a gas station in the Weston/Brooklands area, stole a pack of cigarettes and began smoking inside the station. He vandalized the store, throwing merchandise and throwing lit cigarettes at a female employee. Not finished yet, he held a lit lighter to a gas nozzle and then went back inside to steal a drink.

A nearby convenience store was his next target where he threatened to kill a male employee and demanded another phone. He took another pack of cigarettes and again, lit up inside the store. He paced around inside until police arrived, requiring them to use force to subdue him.

. He was taken to hospital due to his agitated state and treated. It is believed that recent drug use may have played a role in the incident.

20 year-old Drew Matthew Towns of St. Jean Baptiste has been charged with:

- Assault with a Weapon (x2)

- Robbery (x3)

- Mischief Under $5,000/Obstruct in Enjoyment (x2)

- Uttering Threats - Cause Death or Bodily Harm

- Uttering Threats - Damage Property

He was detained in custody.

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