Guns & Ammo Bust

Guns & Ammo Bust

WINNIPEG - The Winnipeg Police Service says a 33-year-old Winnipeg man is facing 22 different charges after they discovered six guns and multiple rounds of ammunition following a call to a West End home about a woman being threatened with a firearm.

Several units were dispatched to the early morning scene after a caller mentioned the suspect had access to firearms. Officers say the AIR1 police helicopter spotted the man in the back yard of a single-family home walking back and forth in the process of loading cases into the trunk of a vehicle.

The WPS says the man was detained, and officers found and seized guns that included a Glock handgun, an M16 rifle, a semi-automatic shotgun, a break-action rifle, a bolt-action rifle, and a semi-automatic rifle, and more than a dozen gun magazines and other ammo. The suspect is facing charges related to firearms, as well as the possession of body armour.

The WPS Major Crimes and Guns and Gangs Units continues to investigate.

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