Car Thieves Hit and Run 3 Different Accidents in Dangerous Joyride

Car Thieves Hit and Run

WINNIPEG - Two thieves took a truck from a car dealership in St James but with the help of a dealership employee they were able to track it as it travelled through the city.

The thieves drove the car erratically, often cutting off other vehicles on the road and behaving in a completely unsafe manner.

Police watched the stolen truck drive at a high rate of speed and run a 4-way stop sign at Gateway Road and Jim Smith Drive where it collided with a vehicle. The driver was not injured; however, the stolen vehicle fled the area.

While on Keewatin Street near Logan Avenue, the stolen truck continued to drive at a high rate of speed and collided with a second vehicle. The driver again was uninjured and again the stolen truck continued on, making no attempt to stop.

The stolen truck also struck a third vehicle, which had been unoccupied and parked on Malden Close.

The vehicle was eventually found abandoned on Roy Avenue and the two suspects were seen fleeing the area on foot. Both were taken into custody a short distance away.

26 year-old Halen James McLeod has been charged with:

- Theft of Motor Vehicle

- Dangerous Operation of a Conveyance

- Fail to exchange particulars (Highway Traffic Act)

27 year-old William Gladstone Yuzicappi has been charged with:

- Theft of Motor Vehicle

They were held in custody.

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