Car Thief Leaves Footprints in Snow For Police

Car Thief Leaves Footprints in Snow

WINNIPEG - At about 1:30 this morning police spotted a stolen vehicle driving on Main Street but before they could attempt to stop him, it got away.

They found the car parked and unoccupied in a lane on Cathedral Avenue with a single set of fresh footprints leading away from the vehicle. K-9 tracked the suspect to Machray Avenue where he was taken into custody. He had the keys to the stolen vehicle in his possession.

39 year-old Randy Clarke has been charged with Possession of Property Obtained by Crime and Failing to Comply with Probations Order. Warrants for Failing to Comply with a Probation Order and Unlawfully at Large were also executed. He has been held at the Winnipeg Remand Centre.

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