65 Year-Old Woman Carjacked at Knifepoint

65 Year-Old Woman Carjacked at Knifepoint

WINNIPEG - A 65 year-old woman was car-jacked at knife-point and forced to drive the suspect to his destination at midnight on March 19.

The suspect was visibly intoxicated and when he arrived at the location he forced the woman to drive to, he approached a police car and informed them that he had consumed methamphetamine and wanted to go to the Main Street Project.

Police took the suspect to the Health Science Centre to be checked over and while there, they learned that he was also responsible for the carjacking and placed him under arrest.

33 year-old Lance William Laquette has been charged with kidnapping, forcible confinement, assault with a weapon, and possessing a weapon for dangerous purposes.

He has been detained at the Provincial Remand Centre.

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