40 Year-Old Winnipeg Man Tries to Pull Machete on Police

Winnipeg Man Tries to Pull Machete on Police

WINNIPEG - Winnipeg Police had to draw firearms on a suspect late last night after he attempted to pull a machete from under his belt.

The incident occurred on January 7 at about 10:10 pm on Furby Street when police noticed a man acting suspiciously. When they approached him he provided a false name, but a computer check revealed that he was wanted for breaching his probation.

When police attempted to arrest him he lifted his shirt and grabbed the handle of a machete tucked into his belt. The officers both drew their firearms, demanding that he put up his hands. The suspect complied and he was handcuffed.

When he was searched they found the machete, as well as a spring-loaded knife, a digital scale and about $175 worth of methamphetamine.

40 year-old Zachary Hank Parisian has been charged with multiple Weapons charges as well as Obstructing a Peace Officer, Identity Fraud, Possession of a Scheduled Substance and Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking. He has been held in custody.

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